Read our definitions of some IT, management and social terminology that is not always well understood.

They may just possibly help to make the concepts more understandable.


These pages include excerpts from "Dee the Business" - "a tongue in cheek explanation of business concepts and IT terms in Doric, the dialect of the North East of Scotland".

"... the IT error message haikus alone make the book worth reading." (Scottish Business Insider magazine)
A North East View of:
The Impact of External Standards

Take a view...

Management Lessons
Take a hint...

Some Redefined Terminology
Take a word...

Microsoft Error Messages
Take a deep breath...

(We have included an "English" translation, just in case any Sassenachs don't understand)
And perhaps more seriously:

The Lord's Prayer
Oor Faither
 - as published in the Midstocket Church magazine.

When I am Dead
Fin A’m Awa
 - after "When I am Dead" by Hugh Barrie, from Poems of the Scottish Hills, edited by Hamish Brown (AUP).

Barrie and his climbing companion Thomas Baird died in a blizzard in the Cairngorms on New Year’s day 1928.
This poem was found amongst Barrie’s papers after his death.
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