Read our definitions of some IT, management and social terminology that is not always well understood.

They may just possibly help to make the concepts more understandable.

Business, Technical and Social Terminology

Operating Cycle

Operating Statement



Trial Balance

Purchase Order


Deed of Trust

Advance Royalty



Health and Safety

Business Risk


An upmarket wheelbarrow


Stud muffin

Abrasive grinder

Juvenile male parent

Tongue stud

Boob tube

Padded bra


Hair highlights





Memory stick

Birlin the pedals lik b*gg*ry

A said, 'A'm deein't.'

Neen o thae new-fangelt text messages fir me

A said, 'Neen o thae new-fangelt text messages fir me'

'Hing the criminal' 6 / 'He widna hurt a flech' 6

A'm nae askin, A'm telling ye - pit yer haun in yer pooch richt noo

Nae movin, onywye

If ye say ye're deid, ye're deid, as faur as A'm concerned

Kim awa ben, Camilla quine

Fit wye a thingmie's fit fir fit it's supposed ti fit

Fit ye're fit fir

Fit gings oot the windae if ye mischieve yersel - or ither fowk

Onythin aat kin mak an erse o fit ye're tryin ti dee

Handy things ti hae handy

Hurlie Davidson

A mannie fa pints cars

Tackity teacake

A stud wi nae finesse


A lad fae Caithness wi an eye fir the quines

Bosie cosy

Breestie bowster

Fit a quine ends up wi if she disna hae a breestie bowster nor a bosie cosy

Seagulls' skitters

Floo'er o Thcotlan

A roch chiel fa eeses sweirie wirds

Noo an again

The Files loon

Ach, it wis in ma heid jist a minutie syne
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