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Management Lessons
Lesson Number Two

A bubblyjock wis bletherin til a bull.

'A wid fair funcy fleein up ti the tap o yon tree,' soochit the bubblyjock, 'bit A've nae fooshun.'

'Ye cwid aye hae a chaav on fit A've drappit ahin me,' said the bull. 'It'll fairly gie ye a hairy bosie'.

The bubblyjock aet a pucklie lumps of the sharn an - fair doos - he wis able ti flee up til the first brench.

The neist day, aifter chaan mair sharn, he wis up til the seekint brench.

Feenally, aifter a full twa wikks, he thocht he wis Airchie, cockit on the verra heid of the tree.

In nae time ava, a fairmer chiel spied him an pluff'd a bullit intil his heid.

Management Lesson

Sharn fae a bull will mebbe git ye ti the tap, but it winnae haud ye there.

(English Translation)
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